02.05.2024 | Podcasts

Righting a Wrong

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 7

Guest Paul Edelstein joins Bob Stetson to explore the critical issue of self-help evictions and the fight for housing justice. This episode centers on the Solis family from Brooklyn, New York, who faced a harrowing eviction attempt by their landlord, employing tactics like utility shutoffs, demolition work, and false legal notices. Their subsequent ten-year legal journey highlights the stark realities of informal evictions and their impact on society’s most vulnerable. Through the case of Solis vs. Aguilar, Bob and Paul examine the balance between tenants’ rights and landlords’ actions, emphasizing the importance of due process as a cornerstone of liberty and dignity.



Robert W. Stetson


A partner specializing in complex civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution, Bob represents various clients ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations in all phases of litigation, including trial and appellate practice. Bob is also the host of the Legal Judg(e)ments podcast.