08.02.2022 | Client Alerts

Mayor Michelle Wu’s Task Force Weighs Reintroduction of Rent Stabilization/Rent Control

Mayor Michelle Wu announced, in March, that she was organizing a Rent Stabilization Advisory Committee to explore ways the City could implement rent control to address rising rents. The Committee is made up of affordable housing advocates, housing experts and local scholars — there are no landlords on the Committee. The Advisory Committee just held its last scheduled public session to give City workers, renters, property owners and other stakeholders an opportunity to offer input on the current rental market, how rental caps could be instituted and suggestions for potential exemptions.

Boston’s prior rent control policy was repealed in 1994 by a statewide ballot initiative, so new legislation would be required before implementing any rent stabilization measures. Outgoing Governor Baker has come out against this approach.

Wu, who ran on a platform that included restoring rent control in Boston, described rent stabilization as a “stop-gap” measure paired with long-term solutions to increase housing supply and affordability. The Committee is scheduled to reconvene on August 3 to review public comments before drafting any legislation. Boston residents may submit written comments before the Committee reconvenes.

The final Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2022.


Lydia G. Chesnick