02.15.2022 | Podcasts

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Episode 8, From the State of Nature to Municipal Zoning Law

Bob and Dan Dain talk about the role of the judiciary in land use litigation and how the concept of “injury,” as interpreted by the court in Murchison v. Zoning Board of Appeals of Sherborn, saved real estate development in Massachusetts particularly in “downzoning” jurisdictions like Boston. Dan also explains how zoning regulations constitute the single greatest contributor to the obesity crisis in America. A must-listen for all land use lawyers, town planners, and real estate developers.

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Robert W. Stetson


A partner specializing in complex civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution, Bob represents various clients ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations in all phases of litigation, including trial and appellate practice. Bob is also the host of the Legal Judg(e)ments podcast.