02.26.2024 | Podcasts

The Golden Rule

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 8 In the famous American comic strip, The Wizard of Id, the Golden Rule means “Whoever has the gold makes the rules!” And so it’s been in the construction industry time immemorial. In this episode, Bob Stetson and Brad Croft discuss Tocci… Read More

02.05.2024 | Podcasts

Righting a Wrong

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 7 Guest Paul Edelstein joins Bob Stetson to explore the critical issue of self-help evictions and the fight for housing justice. This episode centers on the Solis family from Brooklyn, New York, who faced a harrowing eviction attempt by their landlord, employing… Read More

01.22.2024 | Podcasts

Power Play: Chevron, Agencies, and the Constitution

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 6 Listen to Bob Stetson and returning guest Ben Robbins from the New England Legal Foundation explore the separation of powers in the context of federal administrative agencies, the historical expansion of the administrative state, the Supreme Court’s 1984 Chevron decision,… Read More

12.18.2023 | Podcasts

The First Amendment in the Internet Era

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 5 Bob Stetson and his guest, John Elwood, discuss Counterman vs. Colorado, the Supreme Court’s recent decision balancing free speech rights against protection from abuse. Listen as they explore the dynamics of the First Amendment in the age of social media, examining… Read More

11.27.2023 | Podcasts

The Limits of Sovereignty

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 4 In this episode of Legal Judg(e)ments, Bob Stetson and his guest, Richard Gottlieb, dissect Coughlin v. Lac Du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, a significant legal battle at the intersection of tribal sovereign immunity and bankruptcy law. They explore… Read More

11.13.2023 | Podcasts

When a Regulation Becomes a Taking: A Constitutional Debate Over Property Rights

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 3 In this thought-provoking episode, Bob and Joshua Thompson, Director of Equality and Opportunity Litigation at the Pacific Legal Foundation, discuss the landmark case of Cedar Point Nursery vs. Hassid and explore the intricate balance between private property rights and public… Read More

10.30.2023 | Podcasts | Uncategorized

Big Brother?

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 2 Bob talks with the Institute for Justice’s Mike Greenberg about a Michigan town’s use of drones to enforce a land use regulation in Long Lake Township v. Maxon.  … Read More

10.16.2023 | Podcasts

Life, Liberty, and the Right to Decide: Medical Aid in Dying

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 3, Episode 1 In the first episode of Season 3, O’Melveny & Myers LLP’s John Kappos explains to Bob how his representation of two Massachusetts doctors led to a decision on whether medical-aid-in-dying qualifies as a fundamental constitutional right in Kligler v. Attorney General.  … Read More

03.15.2023 | Podcasts

The Cowboy Constables Rein in Acceleration Clauses

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 2, Episode 10 In Season 2’s final episode, Bob and Joe Simons discuss Hines v. Cummings Properties; a closely watched commercial real estate case in which an appellate court invalidated a commonly used lease acceleration clause as an unenforceable penalty.  … Read More

03.01.2023 | Podcasts

An Ancient Privilege in a High-Tech Era

Legal Judg(e)ments Podcast, Season 2, Episode 9 Bob and nationally renowned appellate attorney, MC Sungaila discuss In re Grand Jury – the closely-watched attorney-client privilege case that made its way up to the Supreme Court – and how the scope of the attorney-client privilege can have significant, real-world impacts on the practice of… Read More